More than 400 sites nominated for Graffiti Removal Day with Community Notes

Graffiti Removal Day

Graffiti vandalism is a problem across Australia and costs local communities millions of dollars each year. Governments all around the country are committed to reducing the costs associated with this vandalism. To encourage the communities to get involved in the reporting, prevention, and removal of graffiti, The New South Wales Government has established a state-wide graffiti removal and prevention day known as “Graffiti Removal Day”.

Rüppells Griffon implemented an automated mapping system, using CommunityNotes platform, to help manage the location of the sites nominated for the clean-up day. Thousands of sites were nominated, and hundreds of volunteers across the state participated helping to clean up the graffiti.

The interactive mapping tool developed by the Ruppells team is cross-platform and user-friendly. It allows users to simply drag and drop the location of the graffiti, take a photo of it, write a description and submit it. The location of the sites is automatically geolocated and instantly visualised in the map.

With CommunityNotes – Graffiti Removal Day, users can:

  • Simply nominate new sites for cleaning up by just dragging and dropping a pin onto the map,
  • take photos of the graffiti and keep track of before and after,
  • visualise new sites and cleaned up sites,
  • communicate with other users,
  • share the information to social media

To report new sites, go to Graffiti Removal Day.

More information about Graffiti clean-up day  got to