Track tweets in real-time on a world map and improve your business

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Map showing number of tweets per country during CeBIT – 5, 6 and 7 of May (total: 8015)

Rüppells Griffon stole the show at the CeBit Australia 2015 expo with our custom-built Twitter map.

The interactive web-based map showed relevant tweets in real-time on a world map, with a scrolling feed of tweets on the right, and a global map that visualised Twitter activity by geographical region.

“It was a big hit at CeBit. We had a steady stream of people coming to our booth that wanted to see the Twitter map”

The Twitter map Rüppells Griffon created for CeBit Australia 2015 is a small-scale demonstration of what it develops for businesses that want to visualise their data on a map and take advantage of advanced location-based intelligence.

Number of tweets per user
Most tweeted words during event
  1. cebitaus – 3295
  2. cebitstartup – 285
  3. business – 282
  4. government – 207
  5. Guykawasaki – 193